What We Do

  • We can be an Idea/Concept/Business Model/Technology/Plan/ Validation Platform for Start-ups! So that you don’t end up making something nobody actually wants.

  • We automate market validation by giving you access to a market research tool that is usually available to large corporations and companies with huge market research budgets

  • We give you a tool to compare new product ideas. Receive results up to 100x faster and much cheaper

  • We help you ask questions in a professional and scientifically validated questionnaire format from potential mentors of your product/service or idea, based on demographics and other criteria. You receive balanced and impartial results from the most reliable and certified sources.

  • We interpret and gather the responses received and make it available in an intelligent dashboard including actual user/mentor comment and feedback

  • It's difficult to identify the potential mentor, customer or user, even tougher to find them and almost impossible to reach out to ask the right questions. We turn this into a seamless process. You simply draft your questions; mention the targeted skill set and expertise and we take care of everything else. We find the right respondents and deliver the response and results within a short period of time

What Do We Do